Heading to Ireland for Christmas!

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It seems a tradition has started in the McMahon household: traveling for the Christmas holiday! A month after we got married we headed to Mexico with my family for Christmas in Mazatlan. Last year we spent Christmas Day traveling from Minneapolis to Denver, and this year we are headed to Ireland for Christmas. This will also be our first actual vacation. We've travelled before, but always been with or visiting our families, so this will be our first actual vacation (although I will meet his extended family in Dublin, but that won't be the reason for the travel, so I'm not going to count it :p). ...

Where to Park at UMS (Dude, Where’s My Car?)

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Ever walk out to where you left your car, freak out that it isn't there, only to realize you parked on a different street? Yeah, that didn't happen to me this morning. Being the responsible adults that we are, Aimee and I took a cab back to her house after the first night of the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) last night. On our way, we stopped at my car so I could grab my laptop and bag of clothes. There was a small discussion about if my car was good to leave there, and we all agreed it was. This morning, Aimee and Bryan and I go to ...

KTCL Channel 933′s #BigGig14 Social Stats

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Yesterday was awesome! As I said before, I love Big Gig and have been going since before it was called Big Gig (used to be Big Adventure). While I didn't tweet much during the event, it was because I was having too much fun running between the local stage and main stage and watching the bands! Bands In case you missed the lineup for #BigGig14: Panic! At The Disco Walk The Moon Twenty One Pilots MSMR American Authors Brick+Mortar Bad Suns Magic Man Locals Stage Rumours Follow Post Paradise Chemistry Club Pandas & People Glowing House Videos Sitting in the lawn wasn't the best for video and since Aimee was in the pit taking pictures, I figured that would be better than my ...

Twitter Analytics Just Got Real

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I was excited when Twitter first announced that everyone had access to the analytics of their tweets, and loved it when they gave you the ability to download your entire Twitter history, but the analytics update they made today is AH-MAZING. I'm so excited about all of the new data available to me that I can hardly contain my excitement! What's so great about Twitter Analytics? Actual Impressions You read that right. Instead of estimating how many people saw your tweets by coming up with some weird algorithm, YOU NOW KNOW how many eyes were on your tweets! They give you a graph broken out by day: *Note, this isn't ...

My Weekend Spent Glamping with Nokia at Firefly Music Festival

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It has been at least 5 years since I've been camping and probably closer to 8 years since I slept in a sleeping bag (car 'camping' was more my style), so I really wasn't sure what to expect from glamping this last weekend, but luckily I was not disappointed. I mean, look at Aimee and my tent - 2 beds, side tables, two chairs and another another table. Oh, and did I mention outlets? Because let's face it, you can't tweet and take video at a concert without power! And, the tents locked, keeping our stuff safe as we enjoyed the music every day. Now, let ...

93.3 KTCL’s Big Gig 2014 Local’s Only Lineup

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UPDATEThe local bands playing Big Gig 2014 are: Post Paradise, Chemistry Club, Glowing House, Pandas and People and Rumours Follow! Click their names to follow them on Twitter. Also, the new hashtag is #BigGig14 - be sure you're using the right one! Update 6/12!! KTCL just released the Local's Only Survey! Go vote now! My first concert ever was INXS when I was 3 years old. My awesome parents took me to a rock show, that I really wish I remembered. My second concert was Indigo Girls at Red Rocks (again, with my parents) and yes, I do remember this show. Mainly because I decided to take a nap ...

FoCoMX 6 – April 25th and 26th, 2014

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Friday, April 25th marks the beginning of FoCoMX 6. I can't believe it has been 6 years already! I've been attending (and writing) about this festival since the beginning. I love the music scene in Colorado (besides Boulder of course) and FoCoMX is one of my favorite festivals as it is held in my hometown of Fort Collins. It helps that my brother's bands have always played, giving me further incentive to attend. Here's my schedule, although I'm sure this will change based on venue capacity and recommendations: (more…)

Stitch Fix Box Number Seven

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Sorry for the delay in this post! March was a whirlwind and April has come and is almost gone. This Stitch Fix box arrived the day before our celebratory party and on my way out of my apartment I grabbed my Stitch Fix and took it to my parents house to open. Right as I got there I did a little fashion show for my parents and tried on all of the clothes. Even my mom was so excited to see what I got in this box! On first glance, the items were all PERFECT, especially since I was headed to Austin for SXSW and DC ...

Stitch Fix Box Number Six

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I opened my six Stitch Fix box and was SO excited! The first item I pulled out was so perfect for me. If you follow my 'style' board on Pinterest you know that I've been obsessed with interesting sweaters and have been loving side zippered items. So here is what I got: Sweet Rain Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket Under Skies Geena Chevron Print Belted Tunic Under Skies Manteca Colorblock Short-Sleeve Blouse RD Style Talent Colorblock Stripe Hi-Lo Sweater 41 Hawthorn Sedona Dot Print Shirtdress (more…)

Most Popular Superbowl Ads 2014 – By Hashtag Mentioned on Twitter #sb48

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During the Superbowl this year I had trouble deciding which hashtag to use: #Superbowl of #SB48 and when talking about the commercials do I use #brandbowl or #adbowl and if I use those, do I still add #Superbowl? So many decisions! Luckily the brands that paid for commercials made it easy for me since 40% didn't even include a hashtag with their ads! Although, looking at how many people used the hashtags from the ads that INCLUDED them during the Superbowl, I can see why these companies wouldn't bother to include hashtags. To find out how many people used the hashtags, I used Topsy and analyzed ...