What’s Making Me Happy this Friday – September 11th – Wunderlist!

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This week’s edition of what’s making me happy is an app that I recently re-discovered. Not only does this app make me happy, but the latest update released last week is what is making me REALLY happy.

What’s making me happy this week:


Read more to find out what they’ve updated that’s making me REALLY happy this week!

What’s Making Me Happy this Friday – September 4th – Rocksbox!

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One of my recent obsessions has been podcasts, specifically Pop Culture Happy Hour. At the end of each episode, each panelist goes through and shares what is making them happy this week. The only catch is that the thing that is making them happy has to be something that anyone can enjoy. I’ve decided to create a series on my blog of things that are making me happy each week to share with you all.

The first edition of What’s Making Me Happy This Week is:

Rocksbox Subscription Box

Recent Discovery and Obsession – PODCASTS!

Yes, I'm so late to the party, it's already getting started the next day before I arrive. However, I'm finally on board of the podcast party! All it took was breaking the radio in my car and missing KTCL, KBCO, and NPR on my commutes for this to happen. A few months ago the iDrive on my BMW stopped working. After over 2 months of having my car in and out of the shop (they had difficulties diagnosing the issue, had to order different parts, and Jon and I were traveling etc), and I got sick of driving in silence. (Don't worry, this issue has been ...