Recent Discovery and Obsession – PODCASTS!

Yes, I’m so late to the party, it’s already getting started the next day before I arrive. However, I’m finally on board of the podcast party! All it took was breaking the radio in my car and missing KTCL, KBCO, and NPR on my commutes for this to happen.

A few months ago the iDrive on my BMW stopped working. After over 2 months of having my car in and out of the shop (they had difficulties diagnosing the issue, had to order different parts, and Jon and I were traveling etc), and I got sick of driving in silence.

Broken BMW Radio
(Don’t worry, this issue has been fixed, and I finally have a new car! But that’s another story for another day)

I finally downloaded the NPR app and iHeartRadio app so I could get back up to date with what was going on in the world, and listen to new music. The NPR app also introduced me to Pop Culture Happy Hour, which I quickly searched for on Apple’s Podcast app.

Podcasts to the Rescue

I’ve been hooked ever since!

I’ve started to look forward to flying so I can catch up on my podcasts. I can’t listen while working because a lot of my work requires me to concentrate, and I can’t concentrate while listening to such stories. Pop Culture Happy Hour focuses on all things pop culture, including TV, movies, Netflix, books, sports, music, other podcasts, and more. I love listening to the panel as they discuss their thoughts and impressions of the weekly topic. There are usually two or three main timely topics discussed, and they end the podcast with my favorite thing ever: What’s Making Us Happy.

What Makes MonikaRun Happy This Week

What’s Making Me Happy

Every week, each panelist has to share what has been making them happy the last week. These things can’t be something personal like “spending time with my family” or “traveling to New York” but something that others can also enjoy, like TV shows, music, podcasts etc.

Each week I enjoy getting to hear about pop culture, but even more, I love hearing about what is making each panelist happy that week. Because of that, I’ve decided to also start a series on my blog that highlights what is making me happy each week. This is something I often share, as I *LOVE* my StitchFix and Wantables boxes, but now I’ll have a dedicated section of my blog to share music, TV shows, subscription boxes and more with you all.

Now, my burning question, what other podcasts should I download and listen to?!

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