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I’m not a huge Uber user as UberX *just* arrived in Boulder, but I do often rely on it when traveling. When I’m in Denver, I usually trade on and off with Aimee on who is buying an Uber on our way home from shows, and Jonathon and I used it a few time in Ireland and exclusively during our trip in Dallas.

But, I’m a sucker for data and infographics, so when I saw friends tweeting about Uber Totals, I knew I HAD to see what my total statistics were!

I quickly went to Uber.Totals.io and logged into my main account (yes, I have two, more on that in a minute). Here are my stats for the account I’ve used since the beginning:

Monika Runstrom's Uber Rides from Uber.Totals.io

Back to my second account. When I went to Firefly Music Festival with Nokia/Microsoft Lumia and Aimee last year, I received a phone to use both during the event and after. Once Uber came to Windows Phones, I couldn’t remember my Uber password, and was in the middle of changing my email to my new last name (yes, it had been 2 years since I got married, but email addresses are hard to update!), so I signed up with my new email! I’ve only ever used that Uber account with my Nokia Lumia 1520, so there isn’t as much data, but look at how the wait times have decreased:

Monika McMahon's Uber Rides from Uber.Totals.io

In total I’ve purchased 45 Uber rides, ridden 175.45 miles in an Uber, spent 537 minutes inside an Uber and waited 6 hours and 43 minutes for Uber since I started using them:

Monika's Total Uber Rides from Uber.Totals.io

I’m sure that money spent, my rider rating and the ratings I’ve given to drivers are private data, but maybe they will release more information into their API in the future! Another stat I’d like to know if how long I’ve been a member! Lastly, I’ve never used the split tab feature, but just curious how that shows up here.

Visit Uber.Totals.io to see where you rank!

Did you try it? How many hours have YOU spent in an Uber?

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