Silicon Valley Fashion Week? by Betabrand!

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What a whirlwind of a week!

May 12-14 was the first annual Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (the ? is part of the name) in San Francisco. There was wearable tech, crowdfunded designs and, of course, drones that walked the runway during the 3 night event in the heart of the Mission District.

Jonathon and I were not only lucky enough to attend the Silicon Valley Fashion Week? but Jonathon was able to walk the runway in his own design!!

Corporate Raider Hooded Jacket

Jonathon's Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer
Remember over a year ago when I was begging for votes for Jon’s Betabrand submission of his Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer? Well, thanks to all of you, it was voted through and after a few months of production and prototypes, was made and sold through Betabrand.

Jonathon was even included in an ad for Google Products. While his part was small, that was how he first saw the final product of his design.

Silicon Valley Fashion Week?

Since Jonathon was one of the first people to successfully get his product, through the crowdfunding process, Betabrand asked him to come out and participate in Silicon Valley Fashion Week? at The Chapel.

How could he say no?

Walking the Runway

The last night of Betabrand’s Silicon Valley Fashion Week? featured many of the crowdfunded designs that had been created, and funded, over the past year. Jonathon and I got to the venue early so he could go through hair, makeup and a practice walk down the runway. Before the doors opened, we were able to meet the other designers who had gone through the same process with Betabrand. Everyone was so excited that not only was their product made by Betabrand, but they were able to wear it down the runway!

While most everyone was nervous about walking the runway in front of everyone, but the open bar definitely helped calm some nerves!

Here’s video of the runway that is queued up to when Jonathon took the runway, but I *highly* recommend that you watch the entire video – there are some great designs and fantastic dancers!

Just want to see Jonathon walk? Here you go (I recommend watching in HD – click the cog and select 720p HD):

In true Silicon Valley Fashion Week? fashion, next up were DRONES! They didn’t just fly around the venue though, they were showcasing more Betabrand fashion! (Don’t worry, the crowd was encased in nets, just in case one got loose).

Lastly, they brought back the best of the best to re-walk the runway on the last night, which quickly turned into a dance party!

This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, and I’m so proud that Jonathon was able to participate!

Vote for Jonathon’s Next Design

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a long relationship with Betabrand, and Jonathon has already submitted another design to their think tank. It’s along the same lines as the Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer, but this time it’s a waistcoat! VOTE now and it may just be the next product Betabrand makes!

Jonathon McMahon's Corporate Raider Hooded Waistcoat

Thanks Betabrand for having us out to Silicon Valley Fashion Week?!

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