Don’t Be Lazy – And Why It Matters On Pinterst

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After I got married, I adopted the Paleo diet (I mean if my husband is going to cook, of course I am going to eat it!).

After a few weeks I figured I should start contributing and finally start utilizing Pinterest, so I went on the search for yummy Paleo meals to pin to his board.

It didn’t take me long to realize a few things. 1) I am a lazy pinner. I hate that I am forced to add content to the piece before I can pin it. 2) Others are just as lazy as me when it comes to blog posts, especially images (trust me, I am just as lazy at #2 as the rest of you).


I am glad you asked! So when I was searching for recipes, I wasn’t searching on Pinterest, I used good ol’ I wanted to get a feel for these sites/blogs that I was curating content for, not just the image shared on Pinterest.

Now for the lazy part. Most (and I mean upwards of 80%) images had names like this one:

That doesn’t say anything about anything, now does it? Now I have to go back to the blog, find the name of the recipe, copy and paste it into the pin. This isn’t something I want to do with every pin. Why can’t you make it easy for me? (Remember, I am lazy).

Now this is what I am talking about!

Look at how perfect that description is. I do not have to change a thing before pinning it to PaleoLuv.

It really isn’t that hard to do either! If you are on a WordPress blog all you have to do is update the name when you are inserting it into the post.

I change and update most of the images on my blog to due to the size, make sure that if clicked they open in a new tab, and to update the URL that they direct to. If I have an image of my Pinterest board, shouldn’t it go to that board? I think so! I know that is likely above and beyond what most people do, so at the very least name your images correctly!

Now, was that so hard? I didn’t think so!

My laziness thanks you.

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