New LinkedIn Contacts – Getting into the CRM Game?

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When I logged into LinkedIn this morning, I was surprised to be introduced to and walked through a new feature – LinkedIn Contacts!

If you don’t get the prompts, or have already hit ‘skip’ on them, here’s what it looks like. When viewing a profile you now have ‘*Relationship’ and ‘Contact Info’ tabs below the profile image:

Jonathon McMahon Relationship to Monika McMahon on LinkedIn

(P.S. Yes, Jonathon and I didn’t even connect on LinkedIn until we were married.)

Personally I love being able to see the exact date I became linked with someone. Think about it – how often have you thought to yourself “Where did I meet this person? What conference? What year?” etc. Now you can find those answers and record your own! Here’s the rest of the prompts from the walkthrough:

Meet the new LinkedIn Contacts Feature

LinkedIn Relationship Management Walkthrough Step 1

LinkedIn Relationship Management Walkthrough Step 2

LinkedIn Sync Contacts for Relationship Management

Since this feature was just released, I have lots of questions. Like, will this data be exportable? Will it integrate with other systems/CRM solutions? Is this a move to encourage native LinkedIn views?

I prefer to control which profiles I look at and when since all of that information is available to the person on LinkedIn, so I’m not sure how often I will be using this feature and filling in details, but what do you think? Will you be using this new feature to better track your LinkedIn connections?

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  • Molly McCoy
    March 24, 2014

    I saw these launch a little while ago and prepared a similar prep for our sales team to better use this new feature. We’re big on Salesforce, so I don’t think our sales and program management teams will necessarily be the prime audience for it since it would mean redundant information (“If it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen.”), but I think it’s a really great tool for those not using a separate CRM and tracking their personal brand or small company via an evolving tool like LinkedIn! I agree that I’m interested to see how it grows, and it’s definitely a helpful move to add more useful info to a contact as a networking site and not just a resume-poster.

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