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I use my Twitter favorites more often then not as a ‘read later’ or ‘don’t forget to share this with so and so later’ more than a ‘I love this tweet!’

Then I usually forget to go back and read the article or share the photos with anyone. I favorite tweets for different reasons, think it will be useful at work, it is about a band I like, I want to share it with someone etc. There are different reasons that I try to keep straight in my head, but I sometimes forget why I marked a tweet or article.

Earlier today I read an article on Keepstream and how they are trying to help you organize your tweets. At first I was not so sure I would use it, but I tried it anyways (I mean, I am a sucker for new technology).

I have to say that I am VERY impressed with it so far! Keepstream allows you to take your tweets (in my case, I used the tweets that I have favorited) and put them into different lists, or collections.

Most recently I have been trying to find all of the cool, fun, free, popular, etc SXSW parties to attend so that I can share them with my brother. Since most of them are mentioned on Twitter, I have been favoriting the tweets (and forgetting to send them to my brother). With Keepstream I can now go through my list and find all of the SXSW party tweets and organize them into one list that is both easy to share AND easy to embed elsewhere:

Now who knows how long I will actually use this service (just being honest), but at the moment I am in LOVE.

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