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So, I am going to let you in on a little secret:

I have this overwhelming fear that my iPhone is going to run out of batteries and die on me when I am out on the town, and what would I do if I couldn’t instagram or Twitter what I am doing?

I am only kind of kidding about that, I do get anxious about the thought of not being able to reach people when I need them. To help thwart this fear, I generally carry around my iPhone charger in my purse and I have gotten really good at spotting outlets at bars and restaurants (just ask my friends).

Before making my yearly trip to SXSW I figured it was time for another option as outlets in Austin are very limited. I was going to buy another Mophie Juice Pack Air, since I had one for my iPhone 3GS, but Matt made a good point: Why buy a battery pack that only fits my current cell phone? It is likely that when/if a new phone comes out, I will be buying that one as well, so I should invest in something that will fit more than just my current device.

So instead of spending $80 on the Juice Pack Air, I opted to spend $100 on the Mophie Juice Pack:

Not only will this device charge my iPhone 4, but it can also charge my iPad and Blackberry (although Mophie clearly states that they only designed it to work with the iPhone and iPad).

So far I haven’t had to use it much, but it has come in handy on more than one occasion. Cindy and Joni both used it on our trip to Napa, and last Friday night I was that girl who was charging my phone out of my jacket pocket at the bars, after a long day of traveling home from eTail.

The downsides? The Mophie does take a long time to fully charge up, and it is slightly bigger than the iPhone (thank god I always have a big purse) so it is a lot to carry around, but knowing that I have an extra battery pack in my purse is worth the peace of mind.

Bottom line? The $100 is worth knowing that I will always be connected.

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  • plainbrad
    February 28, 2011

    I think the external battery is a good buy but maybe you should look for less. I think you may know a guy that could get you a deal on external batteries.

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