Boulder Startup Week 2011

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This Wednesday kicks off Boulder Startup Week 2011. I was out of town for Startup Week 2010 but was able to attend one event, beer and bloggers, which ended up changing my life in Boulder. While that may seem a bit over-dramatic, it is the truth. If I had not attended that event at Mountain Sun, then I never would have been introduced to Joni!

It seems that most people who came to Startup Week 2010 have similar stories to share about this event and how it changed their lives. I will have to work during the day, but hope to make it out to some of the events, including the Pizzeria Locale Tour and Tasting on Wednesday afternoon from 3:00-4:00 pm. Pizzeria Locale is a great new restaurant on Pearl Street that serves traditional pizza from Napoli in the heart of Boulder. This is one of two paid events, but it will be worth it as you get food, drinks, a tour of the kitchen and an amazing goody bag full of stuff from local businesses.

For a list of all events this week, visit the Startup Week Plancast page. I cannot wait to watch all the geeks compete in Tech Jeopardy, and Ignite 15 will surely be full of more laughter and learning.

I have lived in Boulder for the past 8 years (minus my brief stint in Fort Collins), but every day I spend here immersed in the tech community, the more Boulder feels like home. Boulder Startup Week 2011 is sure to show everyone else why we have been named Happiest Place in America.

I hope to see a ton of new faces around Boulder this week.

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