Boulder Beta and a Concert!

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Today is shaping up to be a fantastic day! Not only is it my brother’s birthday (go buy his album INCA now!!) but it is the date for Boulder Beta, and there is a local show (no surprise there) in BOULDER! (Gasp!)

What is Boulder Beta?

I am glad you asked. This is an event that was started by Tim Falls in February of this year. Boulder Beta is a mix of startups in the area showcasing their ideas/products/etc in a casual, social atmosphere where they can gain real, honest feedback. It is also a great place to network, see old friends, make new ones and, of course, have a fantastic time!

So, why should I go to Boulder Beta tonight?

The companies that are presenting tonight are top notch (as always). However, I will say that I am slightly biased as I will be a booth babe for MetroGnome (Jana’s latest venture), but I am also looking forward to seeing what SplickIt and Spot Influence will be sharing.

Plus, tonight, there is a pre-party at Trada to celebrate their 3rd birthday, with a bouncy house!!

What about this concert you mentioned?

Another great question! Tonight at the Brick House (that room that is connected to Lazy Dog) there are two fantastic Denver bands that are playing. My Body Sings Electric (who I am sure you have never heard me rave about before ) and The Photo Atlas. I am really hoping that MBSE plays their newest song Doctor (*hint, hint*) but it will be a good show either way.

So come out and join me for a night of geekery, music and fun. (Did I mention that there would be a bouncy house involved?)

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