Hometown for the Holidays 2012 – Top 10 Bands

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Today marks my obsession with listening to 93.3 KTCL non-stop for the next week. Today is the first day in the Hometown for the Holidays local band contest and they just announced the top 10 bands. Listen to Goodman make the announcement here:

Here are the bands (Facebook links):
Vetta Star with their song “Auto Pilot”
Reno Divorce with their song “I’ll Always Be Your Slave”
Rachel and the Kings with their song “Fall Down”
The Photo Atlas with their song “Memory Like a Sinking Ship”
Navy with their song “Something Good”
My Body Sings Electric with their song “Oceancrest”
Monroe Monroe with their song “Everything You Give”
Medic with their song “Everything We Have”
Foxfield Four with their song “Money”
Chemistry Club with their song “Bend to Colors”

Thank god for the iHeart Radio app (iTunes link), meaning I can literally listen to 93.3 on my iPhone from anywhere at any time!

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