Hometown for the Holidays 2013 Top 10 Bands #HTFTH

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93.3 KTCL's Hometown for the Holidays HTFTH 2013 LogoI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love this time of year! The top 10 bands for 93.3 KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays bands were announced tonight at Not So Silent Night. Playing NSSN was Bastille, Saints of Valory, New Politics, Grouplove, Young the Giant and Hometown for the Holidays 2012 winners, My Body Sings Electric. Supporting local bands is definitely a passion of mine and I just love hearing the announcement. Makes me proud to know these bands, they’ve all worked so hard!


Here’s the top 10 bands, in no particular order (and their links to Facebook):
1) Skyfox Song: Breakout
2) Reno Divorce Song: Sunsets & Corvettes (plus, bonus video!)

3) Pandas & People Song: On My Way
4) LSD Bags
6) Photo Atlas
5) Eldren Song: We Just Want the World
7) Almost Maine Song: I Told You So
8) The Flumps Song: Just as Well
9) Claymore Disco Song: Light Ahead Of Me
10) Andy Rok & the Real Deal
10) Wiredogs Song: Suicide Queen
11) Feralux

Song: Above the Stars

And video of “Alf” aka Brandon from My Body Sings Electric, HTFTH 2012 winners, announcing them on stage at First Bank Center:

So, what’s next? Well starting today, Monday, December 2nd, 93.3 KTCL will be playing all 10 of the bands on the air, all day long! I can’t wait to listen to 93.3 nonstop for the next two weeks. Then it is up to all of you fans to vote for your favorites.

So go sign up to become a Music Nerd and vote for your favorites to become top 3!

Then, the top 3 will compete at Casselmans on December 14th with the winner getting to open for NSSN 2014.

Want to follow the bands on Twitter? I made a super easy list with all of the HTFTH bands and here’s what they tweet about:

I have my favorites, but it will be another tough year! Who do you think will make it in the top 3?

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