Creating Custom Maps in Google Maps for Travel

I’ve been using the “My Maps” feature on Google Maps for a few years now. I created a map of my 2015 travels, as well as everywhere we went in Dublin over Christmas in 2014. These maps help me remember where we went, but also are great for blog posts and to share with others when they ask for recommendations when traveling.

However, my new favorite thing, is creating maps to share with people before our travels.

Climb Hard Cider Company in Loveland Colorado

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Since going paleo a few years ago, one thing I’ve missed is beer. I’ve replaced it with cider at home, but that isn’t always feasible when out at a bar with friends or co-workers and especially hard at concert venues. Yes, some places will have the generic ciders like Strongbow, Magners or Angry Orchard (which I refuse to drink), but those tend to be high in sugar and give me a killer headache the next day.

Luckily Colorado is home to many Cider companies, which include some of my favorites! Last weekend Jonathon and I took a little road trip up to Loveland Colorado to taste what Climb Cider Company had to offer.

A Sports Bra That Fits – FINALLY!

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I hate bra shopping. I mean, does anyone *really* like it? I know I should put more time and effort into something that I wear every single day, but it isn’t easy or fun. I always struggle to find a bra that I like, that is a good color, where the cups are the right size for me and doesn’t have a lot of lace, bows or other fluff…the list goes on and on.

Luckily Title Nine invited me to their bra event last week and let me meet with their Bravangelist – WHO WAS AMAZING! She measured me and had me trying on sports bras that actually fit me within 10 minutes of walking in the door.

Read more to find out what bra I went home with and find out how to win your own bra from Title Nine today:

FitBit Force versus Jawbone Up24

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I'm in a fight with FitBit. I have been for awhile now. I bought the Force last year, (yes, the one that was recalled), and was SO excited to use it! I wanted to track steps during SXSW, work trips, conferences, music festivals and just daily life. I specifically picked the Force for a few reasons, but the main reason I picked the Force over the FitBit Flex because the Flex didn't have a display, even though it was thinner. I loved that the Force band showed different features like the time, steps, stairs and more. Another big reason was because many of friends had FitBits and ...

Boulder Startup Week – Plan Your Summer Music Adventure With Me!

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We can all agree on this - Colorado is a great place for music lovers, especially during the summer. Between Red Rocks, the Greeley Stampede, Fiddlers Green and the events that take place in every mountain town and local city each weekend, every single music lover can find something to fulfill their musical desires each weekend this summer. Tomorrow I'm talking on a panel at Boulder Startup Week about planning your summer Colorado adventure and my expertise will be music and more specifically, music festivals happening in Colorado this summer. So, what makes me qualified to talk on such a subject when I'm not a musician, or ...

FoCoMX 6 – April 25th and 26th, 2014

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Friday, April 25th marks the beginning of FoCoMX 6. I can't believe it has been 6 years already! I've been attending (and writing) about this festival since the beginning. I love the music scene in Colorado (besides Boulder of course) and FoCoMX is one of my favorite festivals as it is held in my hometown of Fort Collins. It helps that my brother's bands have always played, giving me further incentive to attend. Here's my schedule, although I'm sure this will change based on venue capacity and recommendations: (more…)

What 420 Taught Us About Hashtags

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This past weekend was not only Easter, but also April 20th, which is commonly referred to as 420. What is the significance of 420? Four-twenty is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis (marijuana) and for many years people come together at 4:20 pm on April 20th to smoke weed together. Since marijuana has been legalized here in Colorado on January 1st, this holiday was expected to be even bigger this year. And that is a feat considering in 2008, the party on University of Colorado's campus was attended by over 10,000 people! So, why am I writing about marijuana on here? No, I'm not ...

Liquid Dinner Recipe Paleo Style

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My cravings for vegetables continues, so in order for me to consume as many veggies as I want without sitting and eating for hours we have taken the juicer out of the cabinet. The last two nights I have consumed almost my entire meal in liquid form, and boy was it good! Last night I also had some small grass-fed lettuce tacos and tonight I had half of a sausage, so my meals haven't been entirely liquid. I love how colorful the fruit and veggies are! (more…)

Hometown for the Holidays 2012 – Top 10 Bands

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Today marks my obsession with listening to 93.3 KTCL non-stop for the next week. Today is the first day in the Hometown for the Holidays local band contest and they just announced the top 10 bands. Listen to Goodman make the announcement here: Here are the bands (Facebook links): Vetta Star with their song "Auto Pilot" Reno Divorce with their song "I'll Always Be Your Slave" Rachel and the Kings with their song "Fall Down" The Photo Atlas with their song "Memory Like a Sinking Ship" Navy with their song "Something Good" My Body Sings Electric with their song "Oceancrest" Monroe Monroe with their song "Everything You Give" Medic with their song "Everything We Have" Foxfield ...