How To Find Hidden Facebook Status Updates On Brand Pages

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So, you’ve posted a status update to a brand’s Facebook Page. A few days later you’re asked to remove it. You hide the post to comply. Another few days later, they ask you what the engagement on that post you’ve hidden was. How do you find hidden Facebook status update on the Brand Page?

I’ve found the answer that Facebook Forums won’t help you find! It is in the Activity Log, but it isn’t easy to get to on a Facebook Brand Page.

Tweetdeck Allows You to Pause GIFs!

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One of my bigger pet peeves or general annoyances are moving/flashing things. This can be anything from a strobe light or flickering light to moving ads on websites to autoplayed video to GIFs on social sites (specifically Twitter). Something about it makes me anxious and removes my ability to concentrate or think correctly (I might be weird). I've been using Tweetdeck for years, and love the ability to create lists and columns to help me keep up with different groups of people. Recently (within the last year) Twitter allowed for GIFs to be added to Tweets. While this is all fun and games - IT'S BEEN ...

KTCL Channel 933′s #BigGig14 Social Stats

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Yesterday was awesome! As I said before, I love Big Gig and have been going since before it was called Big Gig (used to be Big Adventure). While I didn't tweet much during the event, it was because I was having too much fun running between the local stage and main stage and watching the bands! Bands In case you missed the lineup for #BigGig14: Panic! At The Disco Walk The Moon Twenty One Pilots MSMR American Authors Brick+Mortar Bad Suns Magic Man Locals Stage Rumours Follow Post Paradise Chemistry Club Pandas & People Glowing House Videos Sitting in the lawn wasn't the best for video and since Aimee was in the pit taking pictures, I figured that would be better than my ...

Twitter Analytics Just Got Real

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I was excited when Twitter first announced that everyone had access to the analytics of their tweets, and loved it when they gave you the ability to download your entire Twitter history, but the analytics update they made today is AH-MAZING. I'm so excited about all of the new data available to me that I can hardly contain my excitement! What's so great about Twitter Analytics? Actual Impressions You read that right. Instead of estimating how many people saw your tweets by coming up with some weird algorithm, YOU NOW KNOW how many eyes were on your tweets! They give you a graph broken out by day: *Note, this isn't ...

STOP Making This Twitter Mistake

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I'm writing this post out of love, I promise. I used to be more discreet when I saw people and brands making this mistake on Twitter by DM'ing or emailing them to tell them what they were doing wrong and how to fix it, but this isn't an easy issue to explain in 140 characters, so I'm writing a blog post to hopefully help everyone out. When working with Aimee on gathering info for, I opened The Underground Music Showcase's (UMS for short) Twitter account. I noticed that many of their last tweets highlighting bands looked like this: Do you see the issue? They started the ...

What 420 Taught Us About Hashtags

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This past weekend was not only Easter, but also April 20th, which is commonly referred to as 420. What is the significance of 420? Four-twenty is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis (marijuana) and for many years people come together at 4:20 pm on April 20th to smoke weed together. Since marijuana has been legalized here in Colorado on January 1st, this holiday was expected to be even bigger this year. And that is a feat considering in 2008, the party on University of Colorado's campus was attended by over 10,000 people! So, why am I writing about marijuana on here? No, I'm not ...

How to Stop Facebook Notifications

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There used to be a handy little link on Facebook to "mute notifications" for those times you were one of the first to say congratulations to an engagement/baby/wedding/new job or when someone tagged you and their other 100 closest friends on an update etc. Then it was transitioned out for "stop notifications", which did the same thing as mute - it stopped your phone from vibrating for every other comment that happened after yours, leaving everyone able to comment at will and let others know how happy we are for them. Last week it disappeared. This had happened a few times with random Facebook updates, but ...

Most Popular Superbowl Ads 2014 – By Hashtag Mentioned on Twitter #sb48

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During the Superbowl this year I had trouble deciding which hashtag to use: #Superbowl of #SB48 and when talking about the commercials do I use #brandbowl or #adbowl and if I use those, do I still add #Superbowl? So many decisions! Luckily the brands that paid for commercials made it easy for me since 40% didn't even include a hashtag with their ads! Although, looking at how many people used the hashtags from the ads that INCLUDED them during the Superbowl, I can see why these companies wouldn't bother to include hashtags. To find out how many people used the hashtags, I used Topsy and analyzed ...

Oreos and How They Lost the Grammy’s

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Despite my hatred of The Grammy's, I still set aside time to watch it once a year. While I knew that Twitter was going to ruin the winners for me, I was still actively tweeting and watching what others were saying. This tweet stood out to me: I suppose I likely got my hopes up thinking that Oreo would have another Superbowl hit, but you never know! Unfortunately I had an hour to wait (this tweet was referring to the Grammy's on the East Coast, and we all know that the Grammy's are tape delayed for the rest of us). (more…)