Creating Custom Maps in Google Maps for Travel

I’ve been using the “My Maps” feature on Google Maps for a few years now. I created a map of my 2015 travels, as well as everywhere we went in Dublin over Christmas in 2014. These maps help me remember where we went, but also are great for blog posts and to share with others when they ask for recommendations when traveling.

However, my new favorite thing, is creating maps to share with people before our travels.

Recent Discovery and Obsession – PODCASTS!

Yes, I'm so late to the party, it's already getting started the next day before I arrive. However, I'm finally on board of the podcast party! All it took was breaking the radio in my car and missing KTCL, KBCO, and NPR on my commutes for this to happen. A few months ago the iDrive on my BMW stopped working. After over 2 months of having my car in and out of the shop (they had difficulties diagnosing the issue, had to order different parts, and Jon and I were traveling etc), and I got sick of driving in silence. (Don't worry, this issue has been ...

Silicon Valley Fashion Week? by Betabrand!

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May 14-17 was the first annual Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (the ? is part of the name) in San Francisco. There was wearable tech, crowdfunded designs and, of course, drones that walked the runway during the 3 night event in the heart of the Mission District.

Not only did Jonathon and I attend, but Jon was asked to walk the runway in his Betabrand design! It was so much fun, and of course I have video!

How To Find Hidden Facebook Status Updates On Brand Pages

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So, you’ve posted a status update to a brand’s Facebook Page. A few days later you’re asked to remove it. You hide the post to comply. Another few days later, they ask you what the engagement on that post you’ve hidden was. How do you find hidden Facebook status update on the Brand Page?

I’ve found the answer that Facebook Forums won’t help you find! It is in the Activity Log, but it isn’t easy to get to on a Facebook Brand Page.

Tweetdeck Allows You to Pause GIFs!

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One of my bigger pet peeves or general annoyances are moving/flashing things. This can be anything from a strobe light or flickering light to moving ads on websites to autoplayed video to GIFs on social sites (specifically Twitter). Something about it makes me anxious and removes my ability to concentrate or think correctly (I might be weird). I've been using Tweetdeck for years, and love the ability to create lists and columns to help me keep up with different groups of people. Recently (within the last year) Twitter allowed for GIFs to be added to Tweets. While this is all fun and games - IT'S BEEN ...

Uber Infographic

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I'm not a huge Uber user as UberX *just* arrived in Boulder, but I do often rely on it when traveling. When I'm in Denver, I usually trade on and off with Aimee on who is buying an Uber on our way home from shows, and Jonathon and I used it a few time in Ireland and exclusively during our trip in Dallas. But, I'm a sucker for data and infographics, so when I saw friends tweeting about Uber Totals, I knew I HAD to see what my total statistics were! I quickly went to and logged into my main account (yes, I have two, more ...

Wantable – January Fitness Collection

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If you thought I enjoyed the Wantables Intimate Collections each month, you should see me when my Wantables Fitness Collection arrives! Since I’m just getting back into working out and going to CrossFit, I’ve been needing some more workout clothes, and this Wantables box fits my needs!

Here’s what I got in the January Fitness Collection:

JK Cowl
Nux Freedom Cami
Waisted Shine Legging
Malibu Hoodie
Cecilia Hoodie

Wantable – December Intimates Collection

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This December Wantables Intimates box was even better than the November AND October ones. It just keeps getting better and better! First of all I received 4 items this month, one of which are some slipper socks that have kept my feet warm at work for months!

Here’s the items I got in December:

Seamless Leggings
Sweet Escape Chemise
Mukluk Slipper Socks
Striped Seamless Thong

American Idol Hates Us In Colorado

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It has been over 3 years since I wrote my rant on the Grammy's asking why they don't care about us in the Mountain Time Zone when it comes to Twitter, and NOTHING has changed! Earlier tonight, Aimee texted me about this Twitter vote that American Idol was holding for people to tweet who they wanted to keep on the show, during the last 5 minutes of the show. The problem? THE SHOW WAS ONLY LIVE FOR PEOPLE ON THE EAST COAST! That means that for those of us in the Mountain Time Zone, were not able to tweet our vote, or if we did tweet when the show ...

Wantable – November Fitness Box

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After my very successful Wantable Intimates Box in October, I decided to also try Wantable’s Fitness boxes and I am SO glad that I did! My first box was a total success, and I’m hooked.

What Was in Wantable Fitness Box – November
Be Up – Wrinkle Tank Top
HPE (Human Performance Engineering) – Luxe Transition Hoodie
Body Language Sportswear – Sierra Capri
Jacquard – Acceleration Capri
Nux – Seren Wrap