Creating Custom Maps in Google Maps for Travel

I’ve been using the “My Maps” feature on Google Maps for a few years now. I created a map of my 2015 travels, as well as everywhere we went in Dublin over Christmas in 2014. These maps help me remember where we went, but also are great for blog posts and to share with others when they ask for recommendations when traveling.

However, my new favorite thing, is creating maps to share with people before our travels.

Next Up: Galway, Ireland for an Irish Wedding!

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After being back in NYC for three weeks, it’s time for my next international trip. This time Jonathon and I are headed back to Ireland to attend his cousin’s wedding next week!

I’m really excited for this trip as Jonathon and I had such a good time in Dublin last year, and since this wedding is in the country, we’re able to explore even more of Ireland.

Since the reason for this trip is the wedding and spending time with Jonathon’s family, we haven’t planned too much, but we will be spending at least a night in Dublin and are hoping to spend a few days in Galway as well.

Even though I don’t know how much time I’ll have in each city, I’ve still made a list of what I’m looking forward to doing in Ireland this week:

Long Weekend in La Crosse, Wisconsin

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We’ve spent a lot of time in Wisconsin visiting family and friends, and in April we went for a long weekend. Since we both work from home, we extended our trip to the first part of the week, and worked from local coffee shops.

During this trip I had one of the best meals of my life, discovered my new favorite latte and was served one of the worst meals I’ve ever seen (I didn’t eat it).

Here’s all about our trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin from April, 2015.

Weekend in New York City ending with the Pride Parade

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Last week I spent 10 days roaming around New York City, and it was amazing! Talk about a city that never sleeps! We arrived in the evening on Friday, the day marriage was legalized for everyone, which was the perfect day to step foot into NYC as it was Pride weekend. Read more about my adventures of roaming the city and experiencing the legalization of gay marriage with the NYC pride parade.

Silicon Valley Fashion Week? by Betabrand!

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May 14-17 was the first annual Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (the ? is part of the name) in San Francisco. There was wearable tech, crowdfunded designs and, of course, drones that walked the runway during the 3 night event in the heart of the Mission District.

Not only did Jonathon and I attend, but Jon was asked to walk the runway in his Betabrand design! It was so much fun, and of course I have video!

Weekend Traveling – Eating in Dallas Texas – Coffee, BBQ & Tacos

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One thing I was *really* looking forward to while we were in Dallas, was eating some BBQ! I went the entire week at SXSW without eating any BBQ. It was a shame, I know, but I wasn’t going to let that happen this time! The only thing on Jonathon’s list was tacos. We were only in town for 48 hours, but many of those hours were at night or during the marathon, so we only got in a handful of meals while there, but they were FANTASTIC!

Read more to find out where we had the BEST BBQ and most amazing, delicious and different tacos!

Big D Marathon in Dallas, Texas

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As I said earlier, the whole reason we were in Dallas was because one night, Jonathon stumbled upon a post in the GORUCK Facebook community about Mark Webb who had lost his leg in an accident. He was in recovery, set to receive a prosthetic shortly and was going to run a marathon with it just a few short months later. The GORUCK community immediately rallied behind Mark and signed up to do the marathon with him. Many people signing up in support, including Jonathon, had never met Mark, or ever run a marathon, but they were ready to run the Big D with Mark. While ...

Plague of Bad Hotel Rooms in Dallas, Texas

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Just a few weeks ago, Jonathon and I headed to Dallas so he could support a fellow GORUCK buddy who had lost his leg and was running the Big D Marathon. This was Jonathon's first marathon, and I'd never been to Texas outside of SXSW, so I insisted on coming with so we could meet up with friends and view the city. In planning the trip, we decided to take the late night flight into Dallas, and landed around 10 pm on Saturday night, the night before the marathon. Our plan was to go to the hotel (where many of the GORUCK marathon crew was staying), ...

Uber Infographic

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I'm not a huge Uber user as UberX *just* arrived in Boulder, but I do often rely on it when traveling. When I'm in Denver, I usually trade on and off with Aimee on who is buying an Uber on our way home from shows, and Jonathon and I used it a few time in Ireland and exclusively during our trip in Dallas. But, I'm a sucker for data and infographics, so when I saw friends tweeting about Uber Totals, I knew I HAD to see what my total statistics were! I quickly went to and logged into my main account (yes, I have two, more ...