Day 5 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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We started the day with two plans in mind: get to the bay to see the water and meet up with Jonathon’s cousins before leaving bright and early the next day. We also had a reservation at a speakeasy called Blind Pig that I was *really* excited about. Our last day was everything I expected, and closing out the bars with Jonathon’s cousins was the perfect ending to our Christmas vacation.

Day 4 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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On our fourth day I realized just how bad my jet lag was, but we were able to get up and have brunch at Taste Company before going to the Guinness Storehouse and doing the full brewery tour. We had a great time learning how to pour the perfect pint, before meeting Joanthon’s family for tea at Bewley’s, lunch at The Green Hen, and more walking through Dublin. There was then a nap (did I mention my jet lag?) before a gluten free pizza dinner and drinking wine at home while watching TV.

Day 3 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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We *loved* our breakfast yesterday, and considered going there again, but after much deliberation on where to go for breakfast, we decided to venture just down the street to Elephant & Castle after inspecting the menu online and learning that they had a meal with potato cakes (perfect to satisfy our American appetites). Unfortunately the cakes were quite small. Delicious, but small. I had the Omelette with Irish cheese and bacon (which is more like ham here). It was a great meal to fill up on before heading over to Jameson. The walk to Jameson was quick, and warm as we stayed to the North of ...

Day 2 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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We got started a bit late on our second day as I was struck with jet lag and was WIDE awake from about 2-6 am after getting into Dublin in the early morning the day before. Jonathon woke up around 9 am, but couldn’t bring himself to wake me, so by the time we got up and moving, it was on the later end of brunch.

We spent the rest of the day walking around and exploring the city, and got to see this amazing sunset over the river!

Day 1 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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After traveling all day on Christmas, we arrived in Dublin at 8 am (local time). Jonathon and I rented an apartment during our stay that is located on Cow’s Lane just behind the Arlington Hotel in Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland. Unfortunately we landed on Saint Stephen’s Day, which meant that most places in the city were closed. Luckily jet lag helped us sleep during the day until pubs opened for the day, allowing us to have our first of many Guinnesses during our trip.

Heading to Ireland for Christmas!

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It seems a tradition has started in the McMahon household: traveling for the Christmas holiday! A month after we got married we headed to Mexico with my family for Christmas in Mazatlan. Last year we spent Christmas Day traveling from Minneapolis to Denver, and this year we are headed to Ireland for Christmas. This will also be our first actual vacation. We've travelled before, but always been with or visiting our families, so this will be our first actual vacation (although I will meet his extended family in Dublin, but that won't be the reason for the travel, so I'm not going to count it :p). ...

My Weekend Spent Glamping with Nokia at Firefly Music Festival

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It has been at least 5 years since I've been camping and probably closer to 8 years since I slept in a sleeping bag (car 'camping' was more my style), so I really wasn't sure what to expect from glamping this last weekend, but luckily I was not disappointed. I mean, look at Aimee and my tent - 2 beds, side tables, two chairs and another another table. Oh, and did I mention outlets? Because let's face it, you can't tweet and take video at a concert without power! And, the tents locked, keeping our stuff safe as we enjoyed the music every day. Now, let ...

Boulder Startup Week – Plan Your Summer Music Adventure With Me!

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We can all agree on this - Colorado is a great place for music lovers, especially during the summer. Between Red Rocks, the Greeley Stampede, Fiddlers Green and the events that take place in every mountain town and local city each weekend, every single music lover can find something to fulfill their musical desires each weekend this summer. Tomorrow I'm talking on a panel at Boulder Startup Week about planning your summer Colorado adventure and my expertise will be music and more specifically, music festivals happening in Colorado this summer. So, what makes me qualified to talk on such a subject when I'm not a musician, or ...

SXSW 2013 – Monika’s Going Out with MapQuest!

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So, I'm headed back to Austin this year. This will be my 5th year attending SXSW and my second year going badge-less. After last year, when I went alone I told myself that I wouldn't be going back, especially alone. Two years ago I got a Platinum badge. In many ways it was totally worth it! I mean Stefan and I got to watch the Foo Fighters documentary, with the band, then they played a free show and because of the badges, we got in early and were almost front row for the show. The downside? Many of the panels we wanted to attend were PACKED. If you ...