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Coming this Saturday is TEDxBoulder at Mackey Auditorium. I have never had the opportunity to attend a TED or TEDx, so I am really excited that I finally get to go to this one! You have probably heard of TEDx, but in case you haven't, here is the definition from the TEDxBoulder website: In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED ...

Boulder Startup Week 2011

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This Wednesday kicks off Boulder Startup Week 2011. I was out of town for Startup Week 2010 but was able to attend one event, beer and bloggers, which ended up changing my life in Boulder. While that may seem a bit over-dramatic, it is the truth. If I had not attended that event at Mountain Sun, then I never would have been introduced to Joni! It seems that most people who came to Startup Week 2010 have similar stories to share about this event and how it changed their lives. I will have to work during the day, but hope to make it out to some of ...

About.Me Business Cards

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During SXSW About.Me had a booth in the convention center where they had a professional photographer taking head shots of people to update their About.Me profile. Jana made an appointment for her and I have our photos taken and hers turned out so well that they are using it in their new promotional email for their deal with Moo business cards! She is also featured on their homepage: UPDATE: Here is what my cards will look like on the Offers page: I guess I have no excuse for not having my own personal business cards now that About.Me and Moo have made it so easy!

I fell in love at SXSW

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...with ear plugs My love affair with ear plugs started innocently enough. While at a concert during SXSWi I realized I had received some free ear plugs that were conveniently located in the humongous purse that is permanently attached to my shoulder. After minutes of digging in my purse to find them, I finally located them. Eventually I was able to get them into my ears, and I was in heaven! Considering I generally find myself next to the speaker (always on the right side too) the ear plugs gave my ears a much needed break from the show. For the rest of my time at ...

Foo Fighters Tuesday

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Since the release of the Foo Fighters documentary Back and Forth is today (although limited) I figured I would finally post all of my pictures and video from their secret show in Austin during SXSW last month. My brother, Stefan, and I were lucky enough to get to see the early preview of the documentary. It was the same day as my iPhone debacle. While I was running around town, Stefan waited patiently in line for the Foo Fighters documentary. As I was running back to the hotel to shower, he called and said I had to get down to the theatre ASAP because they were giving ...

My first Kickstarter – Record Monsters

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Not sure what took me so long to back projects on Kickstarter. I have been aware of them for quite some time, and I send a lot of projects to my dad who has backed many of them, but I am proud to say I have finally backed my first of many Kickstarter projects -Record Monsters. Andrew Hyde gave me a sneak peek at these records at SXSW and I immediately loved the idea! My dad is an entomologist and I remember putting together wooden mosquito puzzles when I was younger, so I was nostalgic when I saw the Record Monster. I cannot wait to get my record ...

How Chevrolet and their employees saved my SXSW 2011

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On Tuesday, March 15th during SXSW, I woke up early (we will say it was around 10 am, which is early by SXSW standards) and checked my phone. The battery was at 9% despite having been plugged in all night long! I assumed the outlet I had been using just wasn't working, so I rolled over and used my brother's iPhone charger since his phone was at 100%. After plugging it in, it vibrated and showed the charging icon, so I rolled back over and continued to sleep. 30 minutes later when I woke up, my phone was still only at 8%! It was at this ...

Current Musical Obsession – AWOLNATION

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While at SXSW I got an email from my mom saying that this was her new favorite band and they were playing at Stubb's that night and my brother and I should try to go. I ended up going to the show alone, but AWOLNATION was awesome! I am so glad I checked them out. Their live show consists of actual instruments as opposed to the overly produced electronic version heard here (which is still really good). I had listened to them briefly before going to SXSW because I loved their song "Sail" but after seeing them live, this is my favorite song, "MF". WARNING: Lyrics ...