I fell in love at SXSW

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…with ear plugs

My love affair with ear plugs started innocently enough. While at a concert during SXSWi I realized I had received some free ear plugs that were conveniently located in the humongous purse that is permanently attached to my shoulder. After minutes of digging in my purse to find them, I finally located them. Eventually I was able to get them into my ears, and I was in heaven! Considering I generally find myself next to the speaker (always on the right side too) the ear plugs gave my ears a much needed break from the show.

For the rest of my time at SXSW I wore ear plugs similar to these at all the shows (except Foo Fighters, because come on, who wears ear plugs to Foo?):

Over the past month I have been diligent about wearing the ear plugs to every show I go to, and my ears have thanked me in return by not ringing incessantly for days after (like they did after I saw Bouncing Souls and Bad Religion).

Now I know that my current ear plugs of choice (free ones) are not the best for sound, so I need your help in finding good ones that do not distort the concert, just dull it down to a degree that my ears can tolerate.

So tell me, what are the best ear plugs out there? (besides custom of course)

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  • Joey
    April 21, 2011


    I got these years and years ago because they were marketing them to drummers, but I wear them all the time. They’re by far my favorite non-sculpted earplugs. (I’ve never actually used sculpted earplugs, but how could they not be the best sort of earplugs?)

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