Rocket Summer – Take Two!

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Remember that time that I was an idiot and locked my purse in my new car with my ID, credit cards and, of course, the spare car keys? Yeah, that was a fun December night. That was the same night that The Heyday had a show at Marquis Theatre opening for Rocket Summer. I somehow made it out of my car with the tickets to the show (thank god) and my camera (I had a photo pass). After a quick call to USAA, I had a locksmith on order, to show up in about an hour and a half. Since I had time to kill, and tickets to a show, Aimee, LeVar, Kaila (my other indie bitch) and I head on over to the Marquis. We get to the venue, where I get big X’s on my hands (remember, my ID was locked in the car). I was livid, and immediately ran to the bathroom to wash them off my hands. It has been almost 10 years since I have had the shameful X’s mark my hands!

The Heyday was awesome, as usual:

Then Rocket Summer started, and that is right when my phone rang. The locksmith was at the garage where my car was parked. So I sacrificed my desire to see a concert to try and recover my belongings. Without going into all of the lovely, gory details, I did get my purse back, but not before I cancelled all the credit cards. So after I had my keys and an ID back, we went to Summit Music Hall to see the band Eldren, and get a little intoxicated, thanks to my lovely friends and bartenders.

So, while I technically have seen Rocket Summer, it was maybe a song at most. Luckily I get the chance to see them again tonight at Summit Music Hall! Opening is local band Regret Night, who have that catchy song “She Said.”

Here is a preview of one of his new songs and you can listen to them all right now on Purevolume!

I am definitely digging his new album as it sounds like he has grown up a bit and developed his sound a little more. Hopefully tonight will be a better night then the last time I tried to see Rocket Summer!

*Disclaimer: I was put on the guestlist for tonight’s show, but wasn’t asked for a blog post or promotion of event. Thoughts and opinions are all my own*


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