New Goal For The Summer (Thanks Aimee)

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I have been thinking about this for awhile now (and actively trying to achieve this new goal), but I have decided that I need to take more photos and video of my life.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking “But, Monika, you have over 350 videos on YouTube, countless photos on Flickr and always have a camera in your massive purse!” Yes, this may be true, however, how many of those photos feature me with my friends, just hanging out and having a good time? Not very many.

The only photos of myself are the vanity Instagram pics that end up being my profile photo.


Already getting weird looks from people and they can't even see my tutu!

Starting this last Sunday I have been trying to take more group photos. What better time to start than an 80′s party?

The majority of my videos are from concerts and are of the bands performing. While I receive a ton of praise and appreciation from the bands, I feel like I need to document more of my life!

I have never been one to be in front of the camera, but after hanging out with Aimee and looking back through all of her photos I realized how jealous I was of not only her travels, but also her photos with all of her friends!

So here it is. I am declaring my resolution goal of taking more personal photos and videos.

Plus I want to make videos like this (and use awesome songs like My Body Sings Electric’s The End of Summer):

Doesn’t this video just make you want to go to a water park? (And this is coming from a girl who is terrified of being in a swim suit in public and is afraid of drowning).

Good job on the video Aimee!!

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