Oops… I got a parking ticket

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I am currently trying to get my life in order and organized and unfortunately part of that process is paying bills and past due parking tickets. I have no idea where the actual tickets are, so I found the Boulder Parking website and tried to enter my license plate number hoping it would pull up my ticket(s) (yes there was more than one). But without the citation number, this is as far as I could get:

So I did what anyone (in Boulder) would do. I tweeted:

The only response I received (besides some retweets) was from Boulder Parking:

But unfortunately that was the link went to the website I had already tried. To their credit, Boulder Parking didn’t stop there:

I was so grateful that they were willing to help me with something that was clearly my issue and my problem!

Luckily my dad also tweeted this around the same time:

And despite his DM fail, I was able to find my citation number and pay my tickets. I let Boulder Parking know that I took care of it, and they DM’d me back saying they were happy I got it figured out and to let them know if I needed any help in the future (I sure hope I do not need their help!).

Moral of the story? Do not get parking tickets.

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