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So, some of you already know this, but in case you have not heard, I have a new full time gig!

Last week was my first week being a full-time employee of BlogFrog! For the past month, I have worked with BlogFrog as a contractor, and after my contract was up, they offered me a permanent position!

What exactly is BlogFrog?

This isn’t the easiest thing to explain in a few words, so I will borrow some words from a recent writeup from The Next Web on what BlogFrog is:

There are literally millions of blogs around the Internet, many with similar interests, feel and audiences, and yet there’s not been a good way to let those audiences connect.

Enter BlogFrog. It solves this problem…

BlogFrog is focusing on being the social network for niche websites. Up to now, it has stayed primarily focused on the the spaces in which women are more typically interested. According to Banks, this is due simply to the fact that women are “more likely to reach out to people they don’t know and strike up a conversation.”

Apparently it has worked well. To date, BlogFrog services 65,000 registered blogs, across 10,000 active communities that reach 10 million users.

You can read the whole story here.

Now that you have a better idea of what BlogFrog is, what do I do exactly? Well, I am an Account Manager, so I get the best of all worlds. BlogFrog partners with brands to build communities for them, or assist them with working with bloggers for sponsored conversations. Does it sound like I am speaking gibberish? Yea, I thought so. Once again, Brad McCarty from The Next Web is better with words than me:

Brands can do a couple of things within the BlogFrog network. They can either build a niche community which they then own (Whirlpool, for instance, might build a community where stay-at-home moms discuss the ways in which they make their hectic lives easier), or a brand can choose to start a topic inside of a blog, capture all of the comments related to it, and then channel those comments to a community page. In short, they aren’t paid posts, but rather paid topics where the blogger still has the chance to speak her own mind about a subject.

Since BlogFrog has grown so much this year (from 5 employees to over 20, and it is only October!), we have had to move offices. The new pad is at 55th and Central Ave in Boulder, CO. and it is HUGE! Take a look:

Sneak Peek at BlogFrog’s new office from Holly Hamann on Vimeo.

There you have it. I’m excited to a part of the team at BlogFrog, and as usual, I’m sure I’ll see many of you at a tech event, concert, or local coffee shop. Tap me, say hi, and feel free to inquire.

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  • Vic
    November 10, 2011

    Congrats Pretty Lady! This is awesomesauce! So excited for you! I wish I lived in Boulder, perhaps I could work in the deli there…i have beaucoup experience, lol and we could have a bangin’ blog party! U rock! Keep us posted on the daily there:)

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