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Yesterday evening I refreshed Facebook to see the following update:

Woo hoo! I was in!! I couldn’t wait to get started using the new graph search.

I started with the tutorial, which definitely showed off some interesting features:

This seems easy enough, right?

I like how it shows the little personal snippet of friends under searches.

Of course my first actual search was music related :p

As one of the suggested searches, I had to see what this one would show. I really liked that it took images from many different times in my life and put them together.

That being said, I wish I knew *how* these were ranked. Why am I being shown these results in this order? I thought at first it might have something to do with friends in common, but I was quickly able to prove that one wrong. Most liked on images? Nope, not the case. I know this is just the beta, but I’d love to be able to sort by these paramaters.

There is definitely a learning curve associated with the new search and I am definitely not fully versed in it whatsoever. So far my favorite feature has been the “Discover Something New” button that randomizes and does searches like the following:

Or this (I don’t really know what this search tells anyone, but it takes awhile to figure out!):

And then searches like this:

Speaking of that last screenshot, I struggled with whether or not I should hide any of their personal information. I searched on Google, and all of the information in that screenshot is completely public information, but after talking to LeVar, I decided it was best to black it out. What are best practices in that situation? It is technically public information and that search isn’t particular to me and my friends, but is it ethical to post that?

And of course a tumblr has already been started of some of the ironic and interesting searches one can make (anonymized, of course):


Don’t have the new graph search yet and are jealous? Well you can sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch and hopefully they will let you in soon, but honestly I am not sure how often I will use this. Yes it is new and fancy and fun, but you can’t use the term ‘not’ in a search:

So, like I said, the learning curve is great, and I look forward to many more funny searches in the coming weeks, but we will see how I use this in the coming months.

Lastly, the biggest annoyance? They moved the location of the new friend requests, messages and notifications from the left side to the right. So hard to re-train my brain and click in the right area!! #firstworldproblems

Don’t have search yet are curious about some results? Tell me what to search and I am happy to try it for you!

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