Should I Remove This Video?

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UPDATE: Thank you for the response! I did end up removing this YouTube video after reading your comments and chatting with a few other people. Thank you for your input!

I have a ethical/moral question regarding a video that I took of a band during a concert (no, the band is not in the photo below).

At the concerts that I attend, I always have my iPhone (and/or camera) in hand, ready to capture whatever may happen on stage (what can I say, I like to document my life). Most of these videos have been posted to my YouTube page. Some get more views than others, but they all hold a special place in my heart.

Shortly before the Christmas break, I got an email from one of these bands (will not be naming the band – so please do not ask) who asked me if I would take down one of the videos I had taken of this band (note: it was not a new song, it was a cover, and nothing illegal happened in the vide0).

“We really appreciate the support in posting all the vids. Thanks. We would like to ask you, though, if it’s possible you might take down the — video. We just did it once for fun and didn’t really intend for it to be released to the general public.”

That statement kind of confuses me though, since it was a concert…in public…in front of hundreds of people. I doubt I am the only one who got video of this song (but maybe I am the only one who posted it on YouTube?).

So my question is this:

Am I being a brat by not taking down this video?


Should I oblige since they did ask nicely and I do like/respect them as a band?

I need your help! What do you think I should do?

  • Grace Boyle
    January 17, 2011


    You could:

    1) Take it down. No harm no foul. You already have the video and YouTube is just the public place to store it. Plus, you like the band.

    2) Leave it up and respond asking the reason…that it’s only to help promote them and didn’t know it wasn’t allowed to film/take videos at a public concert. They should always expect in front of thousands of people that many have videos, pictures and tweets about them. Freedom of EVERYTHING.

    3) Not respond :) Like you never got it…

    It sounds like it means something to them to find you, find your email, etc. and send you that. I think you can also respond being completely respectful and not snooty, but merely asking them the true nature behind removing something. I mean, that’s like asking to take a photo down … there was never a rule against it. Confusing.

    What are you doing to dooo?

  • Cinnamin
    January 17, 2011

    That depends. Were they using auto tune? He He! I get why you are confused and I agree with your points. If it were me, I would take it down because they asked nicely.

  • Megan
    January 17, 2011

    hmmm interesting. I never thought a band would take ask to take down positive support like that. I would probably take it down since they asked but I do think they should understand if they perform something it’s therefore in the public’s eye. Perhaps they can give you tickets to their next show;)

  • plainbrad
    January 17, 2011

    *shrug* take it down. Seems they asked nice.

  • Ted
    January 17, 2011

    It’s not like a low quality phone video is gonna go mainstream and be something that anyone could exploit, so I don’t understand their request. However, since they contacted you directly and asked nicely, I suppose I’d say take it down. I would include, however, your feelings about what it means to you to promote your favorite bands to your circle of friends and that it pains you to do so. Like Megan said before me, it could lead to some perks.

    Good luck!

  • Derek Scruggs
    January 17, 2011

    Take it down. They asked nicely instead of getting all lawyerly. Presumably you posted it because you’re fan. So be a good fan and respect their wishes.

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