Yay! Good Customer Service

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Yesterday afternoon my coworkers and I noticed that we couldn’t connect to Yammer.com (which we use for internal communication). Being me, I immediately turned to their Twitter account @YammerOps to see if their service was interrupted. Nothing on their account had been updated in months, so I sent them a tweet:

Within less than an hour I had an email from one of their customer support people asking me for more information. They opened a support ticket for me and walked me through some steps to figure out what the problem was.

In the end the issue had to deal with Comcast (shocker!) and not Yammer, but their customer service was still impressive. It makes me happy that companies today not only take customer service seriously but also follow through until the issue is resolved (looking at you AT&T and and Comcast).

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  • doniree
    January 28, 2011

    I LOVE when customer service looks like that. I recently had an experience with @Calvetica (iphone app) where I tweeted how much I wanted to like what they’re doing, but found it hard to use the way I thought was pretty inherent. They quickly replied with a “how-to” for exactly what I was looking for. Kudos!

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