My Dad got fired and all I got was this tweet

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When major life events happen, people used to call, or at least email or even text family members to let them know what is going on. Those days are apparently gone. Now to find out major news, all we have to do is log on to our favorite social networks to discover what everyone is up to. Trust me, I am probably the worst at this. I will tweet before texting and definitely facebook over calling. But, apparently my family doesn’t mind it:


However, today I was on the other end of this new phenomenon:


(and it was not the first time):


You may not think that my brother being in Chicago is a big deal, but it was because 1) I didn’t know he was going to Chicago and 2) he was out there because he was looking for an apartment (aka he is MOVING!).

Back to my dad’s tweet though.

After starting the company with his brother 27 years ago, and selling it 6 years ago to a major conglomerate (leaving names out of this) that company has decided that my dad is no longer necessary to the business. There have been some issues (mainly that the company that bought my dads is going bankrupt, yet my dads company is still making money, blah blah blah) but that is neither here nor there.

Point is, my dad got fired and I had to find out in a tweet.

I guess this is the wave of the future and I should get used to it (especially because I do this to my family all the time, gotta love karma).

Thank god I get my parents tweets as texts to my phone, who knows when I would have seen this tweet otherwise!

Am I the only one that receives news this way?

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