BOCC and why I will be going Tuesday

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A few weeks ago I decided that I would make a point to get up early and head over to Atlas Purveyors forĀ Boulder Open Coffee Club. I decided to go for a few reasons, the biggest being that I wanted to do something new that allowed me to meet other local people. BOCC was a good outing as many of the people I follow on Twitter regularly attend and over the past few months I had grown curious as to what exactly this BOCC event was.

Truthfully when I got to Atlas that morning I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Boulder Open Coffee Club (or really what the name even meant at all). I can be a fairly shy person and not one to want attention, but I felt more comfortable after running into some of my friends, Chris, Joni and Joel.

BOCC started off similar to a BDNT, but after the usual job offerings and introductions (which yes, I skipped…and yes I will introduce myself tomorrow, I promise) is when it got interesting. From there it turned into a discussion over the recent tech news which that particular week included: a debate on reasons to jailbreak your iphone, an introduction to flipboard, hulu+ and who received invitations and much more.

Gathering among others who are as interested in tech news as myself, over coffee nonetheless, was a great way to start off my Tuesday morning, which is why I plan on continuing to attend BOCC (and why you should consider going as well).


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