Starbucks “Gold Card” is going away

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I have a Starbucks Gold Card (cost $25/yr, 10% off drinks/food + free drinks and more) because I go to Starbucks a lot (less now because I do not commute 2 hours a day).  I also have a Starbucks Duetto Credit Card, which means that everytime I use my Starbucks Credit Card I get points for free coffee!

Anyways, I just got an email saying that “More Great Benefits Are Coming Your Way!”  Want to know what they are? Me too because from what I can discern, they are taking most of my current benefits away in December and taking away my Gold Card status and putting me into  a new “Green Level” (which is free to everyone).

While I do not go to Starbucks very often I do enjoy the benefits of my discount and the free drinks I receive.  By putting me into their Green level membership, they are taking that away, until I go there a minimum of 45 times (30 times to receive the Gold Level status and 15 to receive one free drink).  Also they are sending me conflicting information as the email states that my gold membership will turn into a green one on Dec 26 -

Email received from Starbucks

Email received from Starbucks

But their website says “As a special “thank you,” all registered Starbucks Gold cardholders will automatically start at this level (Gold Level) – at no cost- when their current membership expires.”

Starbucks Rewards website

Starbucks Rewards website

I guess it is just time for me to stop going to Starbucks and spend more time at one of the many local Boulder coffee shops instead.

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