Grammys – Stop Treating Us Like We Do Not Matter!

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I am fortunate to live in such a great state. I am even more fortunate to be visiting my Grama in Arizona this weekend! However, the Grammys have decided to treat us all, in the Mountain Time Zone (edit: and Pacific Time Zone), as people who do not matter. Why? Because we are the ONLY time zone(s) that does not get to see the Grammys performed live!

Foo Fighters

Why does this matter? In case you didn’t realize, it is 2012. If you are 27 minutes late with the news, you are old school. Add another 33 minutes on to that? Chopped liver. So, why do the Grammys insist on treating everyone in the Mountain (and Pacific) Time Zone(s) like we do not deserve to watch these shows in real time?

When the Grammys go from show to commercial, they pride themselves in saying “Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!” but that just screws us all in these states which do not matter as they are posting all the winners as they happen…live! Which means EVERYTHING is already ruined for me.

This is not just a problem with the Grammys, but many awards shows (*ahem* Emmys *ahem*) are shunning these time zones. They need to realize that it is all or nothing these days. If you aren’t watching it/reading it/tweeting it live, then you are so “30 seconds ago.” Sports get it! The Superbowl wasn’t tape delayed. That would be stupid, right? Why doesn’t music get the same respect?

The music industry as a whole is seeking more respect for their craft and artistry, but the same must be reciprocated. People that view the Grammys are the die-hard fans. The loyal ones. These people are also living in a digital age and issues like this matter. People will not continue to put up with this bullshit, they will find other means to either watch or they will boycott these shows.

Grammys (and all “live” award ceremonies) what do you say? Can we fix this delay ‘problem’?

People of the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones (and those that believe in equality) let’s show the Grammys that we DO matter! Please RT this and tag @TheGrammys on Twitter (#grammys) and post on Facebook/TheGrammys to show them we are sick of being treated like this!


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  • RB
    February 12, 2012

    I was thinking this too. It’d be like tape delaying the super bowl or something.

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