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One of my newest musical obsessions is Stubhy and The Bad Habits. They are a band out of Chicago, and while I have not had the pleasure of seeing them live (yet) I can only imagine that they put on one hell of a show. The lead singer Stubhy used to be in a few other bands, one of my favorites being Lucky Boys Confusion.

The 2 songs I have been listening to on repeat for the past few days are “Light Pollution” and “Victims.” While both are great, I have been drawn to “Light Pollution” a bit more. I encourage you all to visit their MySpace and listen for yourselves, but below are some of the reasons why these songs have been on repeat for me.

The song Light Pollution starts off with an engaging guitar riff that made my feet start tapping. The guitar leads into the drums which take over the beat once Stubhy starts singing and kept my head bouncing to the beat.

The lyrics are also quite engaging. One of the best uses of alliteration that I have heard in a long time comes in the second verse: “and months and months of medication and mental masturbation.” I listened to this song on repeat all morning, and without fail my ears would perk up during that line every time (and make me smile a bit).

Toward the end of the song after a few rounds of the crowd singing “can we put out the lights” Stubhy slows it down by singing along with a piano and you think the song is over. He then says “its the last call for me, its the last chance to scream” and you suddenly are drawn back into the song and want to scream and jump and move around again.

This song has a great balance of between rock, crowd participation and acoustic singing. I cannot wait to (hopefully) see them perform this song in concert sometime in the future.

Victims is a slightly poppier song and sounds a bit more like Stubhy’s old work with Lucky Boys Confusion. Since I was in love with LBC (who am I kidding, I am still in love with them and  listen to their stuff on repeat) that means I am also in love with this song. Victims sounds a bit more like late 90′s pop rock similar to a band like Lit. Like I said at the beginning, I was just more drawn to “Light Pollution.”

Had to put a pic of LBC in here.

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