Memories of the First Hometown for the Holidays Event in 2006 #HTftH

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Time and time again, I write about how I love this season because of KTCL 93.3′s Hometown for the Holidays. When listening to the Top 10, Nerf reminded me that this is the 10 year anniversary of this great contest and concert. I know I’ve been a longtime fan and supporter of this contest, but it wasn’t until I chatted with my parents that we figured out we’ve been listening and attending Hometown since the start in 2006. How was that 10 years ago already???

As we were talking, we realized we all had much different memories of KTCL’s first Hometown for the Holidays. Since we had all attended the event in 2006, I thought it would be great to have each of us write our memories of that year to share before the 10th Anniversary event.

Read below to see what each of us remember about Hometown for the Holidays and why.

93.3 KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays 2015 #HTftH2015

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Another year, another Hometown for the Holidays competition! This is something I look forward to each year because I love when locals get played on the radio, and the finale is one of the best parties of the year! Hometown for the Holidays really is the office party for the music scene, and I love being able to see everyone in one place, in support of local music.

This year feels a bit different though as I’ve recently moved to NYC, but will be back in Colorado for the finale – and I can’t wait to see everyone! Another reason this year feels different, there are so many new names! I love that this competition brings out so many new bands of different genres and styles – and that they make the top 10!

Here’s the top 10:
Covex & Enzalla
Hillary Hand
Foxfield Four
Miguel Dakota & the Differents

Read more to get a chance to listen to all of the songs! Who do you think will make the top 3?

#UMS2015 is a Wrap!

I cannot believe another Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is behind us. This was quite the year, and I’m so glad I got to see the bands I saw – new, old, familiar, unique – it was all fantastic! The week was a whirlwind, but pretty sure my tweets and videos suffice. Read more to find out where I went, who I saw and what I loved from #UMS2015.

KTCL’s Big Gig Top 12 Local Bands #BigGig15

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KTCL Channel 93.3 was quite sneaky today: they sent out the Big Gig surveys, without any warning!

In years past KTCL has allowed the bands to get people to sign up for the music surveys in order to vote, but they seem to have changed the rules this year! I’d say go sign up now, but I’m not sure you’ll get this survey.

Here’s all of the bands, including the songs they submitted:

Colorado Musicians: Apply Now for These Great Opportunities!

Everyone has the resolution of “New Year, New Me” right? I’ve even seen a few bands say the same thing, so figured I’d write a post about the opportunities that have popped up in the last 5 days. Be warned, that the deadlines for these are fast approaching and there are NO EXCEPTIONS – so apply early and pay attention!

SpokesBUZZ’s 2015 SXSW Colorado Music Party – Deadline to Apply: February 1st
7th Annual FoCoMX 2015 Application – Deadline to Apply: January 11th
SpokesBUZZ Class of 2016 Applications – Deadline to Apply: February 4th

Find out how to apply and more details in the rest of this blog post!

2014 Top 3 Hometown For The Holidays Bands #HTFTH

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Congratulations to the Top 3 Hometown for the Holiday bands: AMZY Medic One Flew West Can't wait to see ALL of the Denver bands at Casselman's on Saturday to celebrate another great year of amazing music and the great Colorado music scene. Here's a refresher of the top 3 songs: AMZY - 5 to Midnight Medic - Wake Me Up One Flew West - Kind of Love

EP: Air Dubai’s “Warning”

Every so often we're incredibly lucky to be given a chance to listen to some of the first pieces of new upcoming music in our Denver scene. One of the best examples being some of Monika and I's favorites, Air Dubai. From having their music played on MTV's Jersey Shore and getting signed with Hopeless Records, to making a name for themselves in Denver and other states alike, Air Dubai has an incredibly bright future ahead of them - their new EP only reassures me of that blatant fact. The summer vibes that they create make everyone want to dance, make us forget that we have any ...

The UMS Releases First Lineup for 2013

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As you all know, our favorite local music event of the year in Denver has always been the UMS, or Underground Music Showcase as all of you non-goers probably call it. Every year the bands that perform this event are promising, it's some of the most highly-anticipated 4 days of our entire summer. Monika and I have had years of fun at this event listening to music, going to as many shows as possible without trying to ruin our carefully scheduled plan, drinking with the bands, taking pictures in photo booths, and supporting our scene(as usual). We may have been busy for awhile but we're getting back ...