New Music Tuesday – Dead Sara – Pleasure To Meet You

Dead Sara is a band I’m currently obsessed with and SO excited that I was able to see them perform twice at SXSW 2015 – with my parents! They’re coming to Denver on April 10, 2015 to the Marquis Theatre and Wiredogs are opening. I bought tickets the day they came out, so I’m even more excited that my brother’s band will be opening, too! Take a listen to their new album, Pleasure to Meet You, as I haven’t stopped playing it all week. #obsessed

New Music Tuesday – Walk The Moon – Talking is Hard

Already this week I've given you 11 great new tracks from local, Denver artists that made it into Hometown for the Holiday, but I couldn't resist sharing this album with you all as well. Walk The Moon's Talking is Hard came out over a week ago, but I can not stop listening to it. This was the perfect album to get me through the short flight to Salt Lake City last week, and I'm sure it will make its way into my playlist when I fly to New York later this week. So far my favorite song is track number 4, Up 2 U. I love ...

New Music Tuesday – Jack’s Mannequin: Live From The El Rey Theatre

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I don't generally like live albums as they usually sound pretty shitty and don't really replicate the experience you get by being at the theatre with 200, 300, 1000 of your closest friends (for the night at least). But Andrew McMahon sounds amazing on this live album recorded at the El Rey Theatre: I feel like I am there, watching him dance on his piano, singing along with the crowd. I'm literally dancing at my desk at 8:30 this morning to this album.

EP: Air Dubai’s “Warning”

Every so often we're incredibly lucky to be given a chance to listen to some of the first pieces of new upcoming music in our Denver scene. One of the best examples being some of Monika and I's favorites, Air Dubai. From having their music played on MTV's Jersey Shore and getting signed with Hopeless Records, to making a name for themselves in Denver and other states alike, Air Dubai has an incredibly bright future ahead of them - their new EP only reassures me of that blatant fact. The summer vibes that they create make everyone want to dance, make us forget that we have any ...

New Music Tuesday – Paramore – 4 Sides / 4 Nights

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Many bands these days strike exclusives with websites to stream their songs before their album is released and this week Paramore released videos of their vinyl of their new album on YouTube. I love their introductions, mainly because they are a little awkward, but it makes them more real in my opinion. I mean have you ever met a band? Chances are they were a little weird and awkward. Take a listen to the album below in parts A, B and C: Side A: Songs: 01:20´╗┐ Fast in my car 05:06 Now 09:18 Grow up 13:09 Daydreaming Side B: Songs: 01:27 Moving´╗┐ On 02:55 Ain't It Fun 07:51 Part II 12:33 Last Hope Side C: Songs: 01:52 ...

New Music Tuesday – Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

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This week I am featuring a song that I am currently *obsessed* with this Fall Out Boy song at the moment: Plus the videos for My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark and The Phoenix make me excited to see what the rest of the album holds: I have been a fan of Fall Out Boy for years and I am really excited that they decided to get back together and make this new album. So far I am digging the direction they are taking the band and hope this is just the first of many new albums from the band. (Yes, I know that this song ...

New Music Tuesday – Local Edition – KING – Need a Woman by Friday (Lyric Video) – feat. Trombone Shorty

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Joe King from local band The Fray has started a solo project and released his first single. I heard this first on 93.3 for #303day this weekend and I enjoyed it! Take a listen in the song below: He has also released some tour dates that you can find on Reverb's site. What do you think of the new song?