New Music Tuesday – Wiredogs – Kill The Artist Hype The Trash

Over the weekend, Wiredogs played a show at the Marquis Theatre to celebrate their release of Kill The Artist Hype The Trash. It was a great time, and if you weren’t there, you are now in luck as their EP is now available for all to buy or stream! (Of course, I’d recommend you buy and support these musicians, but I also want you to enjoy their music, so do what you want).

Listen to Wiredogs’ EP Kill The Artist Hype The Trash:

Be sure to add it to your playlist, or purchase via the links below:

Rdio: Stream Now
Spotify: Stream Now
iTunes: Buy Now

Also, have you heard the story about how they got the name for this particular EP? None other than Iggy Pop himself. Yup, this guy:

Iggy Pop from RiotFest 2013 - Photo by Greeblehaus

To find out more about that story, be sure to check out Dan’s interview with Aimee on

*Photo Courtesy of Aimee Giese*

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