Another Reason Rdio Rocks

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I love Rdio.

This last weekend I drove to Montrose with my friend Joni and I have to say, our 90′s playlist literally entertained us for hours (10+)! Having the ability to easily find those songs you love (or loved) with just a few searches is priceless, really.

That being said, I also struggle with Rdio because I know what a drain it is for local artists. It takes time and effort to get your songs on there. Then you have to convince your fans to go to to listen to your songs. And then you get paid. Cents. Like nothing. Have you ever looked at the money bands make from streaming sites? It is pitiful.

Anyways, Rdio is now doing something about this exact issue! They just introduced this new artist program that gives bands $10 for each new subscriber they bring in! Not only does the band get royalties from being played, but they are rewarded for introducing their fans to this awesome service. It really sounds like a win-win!

From Rdio’s site:

At the heart of Rdio is the belief that artists deserve to be paid for their work. We recognize that without artists, there is no art, and we are dedicated to making streaming music an exciting opportunity for both artists and fans. The Rdio Artist Program introduces a bold new model for artists to earn money while connecting with their fans. It’s the first program of its kind in digital music.

As an artist, you have a unique relationship with music, one that your fans are eager to follow. Now you can share your musical tastes with the world while earning additional revenue that complements the existing royalty structure already in place with the record labels and distributors we license your music from.

The Rdio Artist Program represents our substantial commitment to supporting the artist community. We want to work together with artists, labels and fans to create a sustainable and engaging model that benefits everyone involved.

We will see if this helps getting local bands to use this service over others like Bandcamp or Topspin or even Soundcloud.

Would you sign up for Rdio if your favorite local band directed you there and you knew that they personally would get $10?

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