Rdio and My Obsession For New Music

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One question I get a lot is “how do you find new music?” There are SO many ways in which I discover new songs and band,s but I want to tell you one of my favorite ways to discover new music and share a funny story about the band I re-discovered this week.

Every Tuesday, I get really excited as I drive to the office. Why? It’s new music Tuesday! This is the big day when all the bands release their new CD’s/Albums/Singles/whatever-you-want-to-call-them. I remember the time when I would go to the local record store (or, let’s be honest, the local Best Buy) each week to see what was released. We don’t really have those stores these days (and I spend all of my time online), so I had to turn to the internet to find all of the new releases.

Luckily, Rdio (my streaming app of choice) makes it REALLY easy! They have a handy section titled ‘New Releases!’

While I love perusing the list of new music, I am often disappointed by the variety. New music just isn’t what it used to be. Most artists and labels don’t care if their stuff is released on the same day as Justin Bieber (thank god), but many bands will release multiple EP’s/singles on the same date. I also get annoyed with the layout on Rdio. I love that they break it out by new releases this week, last week and two weeks ago, but I hate that they don’t break it out by genre, let you sort by artist name, or even remove the duplicates like the explicit version versus radio, or extended versus normal. The order also changes throughout the day based on which ones your friends listen to. So, there are some things I wish Rdio would change or consider, but all in all, I love being able to go to one place to find these new releases every Tuesday. In fact, I have started a New Music Tuesday category on Indiebitches, so check back there every week to see what new music I love and am listening to.

But, want to hear a throwback from my high school days and hear a funny story about the band? I know you do ;)

This week I re-discovered the band Lit! I don’t know the last time I listened to them. In fact I kind of thought they had broken up, but now I know better!They still sound like the same old band I remember falling in love with back in high school. Take a listen to their new album, out this week:

I mean it’s no A Place in the Sun, but I still like it. Here’s their first album, because I know you are dying to hear My Own Worst Enemy:

Ahhhh. I remember the second time I saw them. It was at the Ogden Theatre and was Sept 28, 2001 (yes, I know the exact date. I still have the concert ticket, I got a pick from the show and I recorded all of my concerts in my old school blog). I was front row for the show because I was obviously I was *that* girl.

During the encore, the band asked for a few ladies to come up on stage and sing My Own Worst Enemy with them on stage. Of course I jumped at the chance to be one of those girls! My girlfriend Rachel and I climbed, as gracefully as we could, over the barrier. Back in those days the security actually helped us with as we clambered to be the first girls on stage. I got up and was standing right next to A. Jay as he sang the words “And I’m sleeping with my clothes on!!!” Imagine it. You are 17, on stage, with a big band, who is also quite cute (I <3 tattoos), and you get to sing their radio hit with them! Amazing. One moment I will never forget. The other reason it was so memorable? I ripped my jeans in the crotch when I climbed over the barrier!! But at that point, what can you do? Just dance and sing through it.


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