New New Twitter – Things I Actually Like!

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So, it is clear that there are some things I really dislike about this new new Twitter (*ahem* usernames *ahem*), but I have found a few things I actually like!

My cousin asked me the other day if there was a good way to see replies to a given tweet (I had asked Twitter a question, and she wanted to know the answer). I told her there wasn’t, except to search for @Sativabella and look at responses. Now there is an easy way! In your stream, click on a tweet, and if there is a response, you will see it pop up below the tweet:

Pretty nifty, right? I know that I will be using that feature.

The other thing that I love? Embedded tweets! They now make it REALLY easy to embed a tweet or conversation! Hallelujah! No more taking screenshots and uploading images to my blog. Look how pretty it looks:

Also, you can Follow, Retweet, Reply or Favorite the tweet all from the embedded tweet.

I am sure there are more features out there that make new new Twitter better, so what are they? (trying to focus on the positive here, so please don’t tell me what you hate)

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