Nerd Prom … And a Lesson in Facebook Marketing

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Friday is Bop Skizzum’s 2nd Annual Nerd Prom! I love the idea for this event because it is just as entertaining for the fans as it is for the bands. Not only do we get to see a great show, but we get to watch our friends compete for Prom King and Queen!

Submissions are now closed, but see the entries for Prom King and Queen on Bop Skizzum’s Facebook page:

Can’t wait to see who is crowned King and Queen 2013! The top 3 will compete in between bands on Friday night and it is guaranteed to be entertaining.

Now for the Facebook Marketing lesson.

I don’t mean to pick on Bop Skizzum, but just wanted to point out something I noticed from their Facebook marketing so that others can learn from their example.

Bop Skizzum recently promoted this post:

See the issue? No? I didn’t at first either. Then I asked myself “When do submissions need to be in by?” “What day is 6 days from now?” “Wait, when was this originally posted?” That is when I realized that they had promoted a status update from earlier in the week that I was seeing on Thursday.

So the lesson we are teaching here is, when selecting which posts to use as promoted posts for a time sensitive event, make sure you are as specific as possible with deadlines. This may apply to more than just event specific promoted posts, but always good to ask yourself “If I see this post in 2 days, will I understand all the details?”

Enough of the lessons. Who will I be seeing at Nerd Prom, and what will you be wearing? I plan on re-using the following costume (which is eerily similar to my Prom dress senior year, except this one doesn’t show off my belly button). And yes, I did crimp my hair in high school.

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