Harlem Shake – Website Version and My Favorite Videos

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I was debating even writing this post as this meme seems to have *almost* run its course. But then the internet (Techcrunch/Moovweb) shared this gem.

You can now make ANY site do the Harlem Shake.

So far my favorite site has been CNN’s. Click this link (and then click agree, I promise it isn’t harmful) and see CNN shake, in all their glory.

Want to see your blog do the Harlem Shake? It’s easy. Just visit Moovweb and follow their instructions. This is the gift that will just keep giving!

Haven’t heard of the Harlem Shake? Or maybe you’ve heard it, but don’t know exactly what it is? It’s a meme that started about a week ago. A video starts where one person, wearing a helmet, begins dancing erratically in a normal setting. The trick is having people around them who are oblivious. Once you get to about 15 seconds in, everyone joins in, usually dressed up. The clip ends at the growl (about 30 seconds after the start). So simple, yet brings so much joy and pleasure to those of us that spend our days online.

Here are some of my favorite ones I have seen so far:


Matt and Kim:


Have I missed any other epic ones?

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