Instagram Videos – How to Turn Off Auto-Play

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I have a few pet peeves when it comes to these new micro video apps, but that’s for another day. Since Instagram announced their new video feature today, the social sphere has been turning Instagram feeds everywhere into strictly video feeds.

My feed is literally all video, which start obnoxiously playing as I quickly scroll through my feed. While by default the Instagram videos have the auto-play option enabled, they built in the ability to turn off auto-play!!! Wasn’t that nice of them? I was happy when they said the videos wouldn’t loop, but this will keep my feed pretty clean, which is how I like it!

Turning off Auto-Play is easy:
1) Go to your Instagram Profile
2) Click Options (the cog on iPhones)
3) Slide the Auto-Play Videos option to the left.


Wasn’t that easy? And you get two ‘Instagram How To’s’ from me in one day!

Anyone have an amazing Instagram video they want to share with me now?

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