What 420 Taught Us About Hashtags

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This past weekend was not only Easter, but also April 20th, which is commonly referred to as 420. What is the significance of 420? Four-twenty is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis (marijuana) and for many years people come together at 4:20 pm on April 20th to smoke weed together.

Since marijuana has been legalized here in Colorado on January 1st, this holiday was expected to be even bigger this year. And that is a feat considering in 2008, the party on University of Colorado’s campus was attended by over 10,000 people!

So, why am I writing about marijuana on here? No, I’m not a stoner, although I am sure marijuana is Paleo…right? :p I’m writing about 420 on here because I noticed SOO many people incorrectly using hashtags during their celebration this weekend!

Most people are aware that punctuation breaks a hashtag (and for those that don’t know, now do – this includes but isn’t limited to $%&*.!), but it is becoming clear that most people don’t realize that starting a hashtag with a number also will not work. That’s right, #420 is *not* a valid hashtag.

Here’s a few (hilarious) examples:
#420 non hashtagged tweet

#420 News Selfie on Twitter

Even searching on Twitter.com for #420 has mediocre results:

#420 search results on Twitter

Now, to throw a wrench in this matter, if you add words to the end of a hashtag, it now works! For example, #420 didn’t properly link, but #420rally does.

You can even search for videos, photos and news around the #420rally:
#420rally Twitter Search with Videos, Photos and News options

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