New Music Tuesday – Hometown for the Holidays 2013 #HTFTH Winner – Claymore Disco!

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Well, Hometown for the Holidays #HTFTH, has come to a close. I’m sure you are all excited that my constant #HTFTH tweets have ended, but wow! What a contest! In case you missed it, the top 3 bands as voted by Music Nerds all over the US were:

The Photo Atlas
Pandas & People
Claymore Disco

Those three put on a great show at Casselman’s on Saturday night. If you’ve never attended a #HTFTH event, I highly recommend it. This event is pretty much the ‘company’ holiday party for local musicians. I can’t even begin to count the number of bands that were in attendance.

On to the music. Today I’m going to highlight the two winners of #HTFTH. First, The Photo Atlas blew the crowd away with their performance and took the $1000 prize for fan vote. Here’s their winning song:

Claymore Disco won the entire event which includes recording time at The Blasting Room and opening for Not So Silent Night #NSSN2014 in 2014. Here’s their winning song:

I know many of you are probably off listening to Beyonce’s new album, but hopefully you’ll take some time this holiday season to listen to local bands as well!

Happy Holidays!

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