Genevieve Gave Me All the Feels at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn

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I’ve been watching and following Genevieve ever since she was in Company of Thieves and a part of Wind Up Records with Tickle Me Pink. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen her, but each show is an experience. Here’s some video of her performing Tom Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down” at a show in Colorado from 2011:

And here’s Company of Thieves big song, “Oscar Wilde” from that same show in Colorado:

I saw Genevieve was coming to Brooklyn in support of her new record, and a friend of a friend of was going – I tagged along – and I’m so happy I did!

I’ve struggled with finding my way in the NYC music scene after having integrated myself so deeply in the Colorado community, and it was getting to me, but I didn’t (and still don’t) have a solution. However this solo show with Genevieve reinvigorated me. She was so honest about being uncertain about where she was in life, and her feelings, that it was just what I needed at that time and place. Here’s a great article about Genevieve, in which she has this quote:

“I’ve experienced a lot of change since departing from Company of Thieves, mostly in my ability to surrender to the joy of being alive and saying yes to love for myself and love for others.”

She’s in the middle of moving from Chicago to LA, and away from her band to being more of a solo artist, and while I’m not in quite the same situation, her lyrics and songs resonated with me that night in way that I didn’t realize I was missing. New York is a bit harder than I think I’m willing to admit, and hearing that others are going through similar things in their life is always reassuring. Plus, her music is so wonderful.

Here’s Genevieve playing “Enemy” off of her new EP:

Another reason I’m so happy I was there is because the girl I went with is such an avid fan, that she has a lyric from a Genevieve song tattooed on her spine. After the show I was able to chat with Genevieve and make an introduction, which led to this amazing photo:

I just love the power of music and what it means to each individual, so making that introduction and photo happen was amazing.

Genevieve is out touring on her solo album, and I highly recommend seeing her. I’ve written about her before, and if anything, I’m even more fond of her now than I was then. But I’ve heard that everyone falls in love with her during her shows – so be warned if you go see her in concert!

Don’t forget to listen to her music!

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