Genevieve Gave Me All the Feels at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn

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Genevieve is currently out on tour in support of her new album “Show Your Colors” and recently played a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. At the last minute I decided to attend, and the show was everything that I wanted and more.

She sounds amazing, and while I only got a few videos, they are definitely worth watching/listening to because the entire show was incredible. Here’s more details on my amazing, plus my struggle with fitting in to the NYC music scene.

Creating Custom Maps in Google Maps for Travel

I’ve been using the “My Maps” feature on Google Maps for a few years now. I created a map of my 2015 travels, as well as everywhere we went in Dublin over Christmas in 2014. These maps help me remember where we went, but also are great for blog posts and to share with others when they ask for recommendations when traveling.

However, my new favorite thing, is creating maps to share with people before our travels.

My First 90 Days Living in NYC

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Hard to believe it has already been 90 days since I boarded that plane on November 13th from Denver to NYC, but here we are, celebrating Valentine’s Day in NYC!

Now, it hasn’t been 90 full days in the city, as I went back to Colorado for 10 days in December to wrap up some of the loose ends from our quick move and hang out with some friends that I’d already been missing!

I also just got back from extended working vacation to Mexico. The trip was supposed to only be 10 days long, but quickly turned into 17 thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, which closed down NYC and cancelled my flight home. So technically, I’ve only been living in the city for 63 days, but those days included all major holidays so far – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day.

Everyone has been asking how it is out here, if I’m liking it, how different it is from Boulder and Colorado, so here’s my thoughts, 90 days in.