The Graduate – Pull Me In

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I am discovering more and more that when I hear a band or song I like, I tend to play it on repeat for hours, days, months etc. So sorry if you see me post about my newest musical obsessions a lot, but when I say I am obsessed that means I have at least played it on repeat for an hour or more.

My latest musical obsession is a repeat: The Graduate. But the obsession is not over the song (which do not get me wrong, the song is awesome, and a little Arcade Fire-esque at the end), but the video for Pull Me In has me transfixed.

The first 2 times I watched it I was pulled in by how genuine the singer, Corey, was staring at the lead girl. They seemed to have an actual connection. The video as a whole just seems so genuine and honest that I felt like I was watching 2 friends at the beach flirting with each other, rather than watching a music video. Then I come to find out that there is a reason for that: the girl, Mal, is Corey’s wife. No wonder you could see the love in their eyes as they flirted with each other across the bonfire.

I do not go camping (like ever), but this video makes me want to go camp near a lake, with a bonfire and sparklers.

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  • Josh Fraser
    March 29, 2011

    I love the piano in this song.

    I think you should give camping another shot. I have a tent.

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