Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Premiere on HBO

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Wow. There really are no words for the first episode of Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways. It was amazing. Made even more amazing because today is the 20th anniversary of Dave Grohl going into a studio and recording the first Foo Fighters album.

I loved how Sonic Highways reviewed the history of Chicago music starting with blues and transitioning to punk, showed the Foo Fighters’ process of recording songs like Something From Nothing and interviewed people who were so influential in the formation of Foo Fighters and their songs.

The end of Sonic Highways was my favorite as the band played Something From Nothing with Dave’s lyrics superimposed throughout the video.

You *have* to watch Sonic Highways on HBO. It’s better than any music documentary I’ve seen yet as it combines the history of music with the creation of music.

After the show premiered, Foo Fighters played a show at Cubby Bear’s in Chicago (which played a major role in the punk scene in Chicago). HBO Live Streamed the whole show, which was amazing, and if you missed it – you missed out.

After the show, Foo Fighters tweeted:

I’ve already told Stefan that as SOON as they announce the next Chicago show, that him and I are going to get tickets! Clearly, I love Foo Fighters, and one of my favorite Foo Fighters shows was at the Metro in Chicago during Lollapalooza.

What did you think of the premier of Sonic Highways?

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