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So after all of my raving about how amazing the Foo Fighters documentary was, my parents got tickets to one of 2 theaters in Colorado that were showing the movie. They were so excited!

I couldn’t wait to hear what they thought of the movie and the 3D live concert. After the movie, I texted my mom to ask how it was. She said it was torture, the sound was really messed up and the 3D did not work. I assumed she was just talking about the 3D live concert, so I called her to see how the documentary was.

Turns out the whole movie was messed up. They could only hear every other word and at one point the movie was stuck in a loop:

They kept thinking it was going to get better, so they stuck around. For the 3D concert they were moved to another theater. The 3D glasses didn’t work! Someone in the crowd figured out that if you put the glasses on upside down the image was finally in 3D, but the sound quality did not ever improve.

I felt terrible! My parents (and everyone else in the theater) got their money back, but that wasn’t really the point. They really wanted to see the documentary! Many people had driven over an hour for this documentary since the only other place to see it was in Colorado Springs.

This morning I Google’d a bit to try and see how many theaters were affected, but did not come up with anything besides Dave Grohl’s tweet:

I am still confused as to how this even happened. I am assuming the movie was streaming? Is this the wave of the future of movie going? If someone could explain it to me, I would appreciate it.

I have no doubt that the Foo Fighters will do something to make this right, but it still stinks that everyone wasted a night.

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