Tickle Me Pink Throughout The Years

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A few days ago, my dad put together this montage of Tickle Me Pink from their first show at the Tool Room (which was only for people UNDER 21, so my parents were not allowed to attend and the band may have been wearing a little bit of eye makeup) to playing Halloween gigs to New West Fest to Big Gig. There is footage of the band recording Half Seas Over in Virginia and Madeline at the Blasting Room mixed among other goofiness.

I have watched this video at least 5 times in the past few days, and I always get goosebumps during New West Fest when the wind picks up during Madeline. I also love the Pee Break and Puberty songs

Since today is 303 Day, I figured it was fitting to share this glimpse into the last 5 years of Tickle Me Pink.

I recommend watching this in full screen mode to get full effect.

The darkest hours hold the brightest dreams

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