All Liver No Onions – FoCoMX

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While waiting for the green room to open at FoCoMX on Saturday, I met my friend Rande at Hodi’s Half Note.

Playing was All Liver No Onions, who were fantastic! The lead singer, Mia, was adorable, and wrote this song all by herself!

The story of how they got their name is also pretty cute: “One day in the depths of the sea, a dolphin named Salli tried to eat an onion, she didn’t enjoy it much, and cried a bit. This ordeal made her so sad she decided to move to the land. She ended up in Colorado and met a boy named Oliver, They fell in love and Oliver would ride her around town, and they would watch the sun set over the mountains. They made music together, so formed a band, with lots of members. Salli only made one demand, that no onions be allowed in the band, Oliver, also made a demand. In order to hide his identity from Salli’s jealous old boyfriend, he would be known as “all liver”

FoCoMX was a great success, and I have plenty more video and photos to share, but I couldn’t keep this one to myself.

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